Meet The Crew


Kim + Steve Washburn


Hi, We are Kim and Steve, owners of Laurannae! Laurannae was brought to life in 2012 by myself, Kimberly (Rannae) and my sister in law, Jessica (Laura). We knew we wanted a business name that was unique so by combining our middle names, the name Laurannae (pronounced Laura- nay) was created. After several years building our brand, launching Eleanor, the cupcake caravan, adding custom cakes to our offerings and eventually jumping into the wedding industry, Jessica stepped away in order to focus her time on her family and other creative outlets. Stephen and I married in 2016 and are a blended family with five incredible kids Emilee, McKenna, Santino, Jackson and Gavin. As a family, we spent several years running Laurannae as a full time cake shoppe and food truck for both public and private events. In the spring of 2018, our dream of a store front came to life when we opened our first brick and mortar in the Rose District. From day one, we were blown away by the support Laurannae received and we quickly realized, we needed room to grow. In the summer of 2020, we purchased the building Laurannae is in and started dreaming up plans of a full remodel. The following year was a busy one for us as we opened our 2nd location in the Tulsa Arts District in May 2021, remodeled and re opened our Rose District location in August of 2021 and opened our third location inside Church on the Move BA in December of 2021. Laurannae is what it is today because of big dreams, wonderful community and our incredible management team and staff. Although Steve and I now work primarily on the administrative and operational side of Laurannae, we love to see your faces when we’re at the shoppe and strive to maintain a positive experience for our customers. We are forever humbled by the opportunity we have been given and hope that when you visit our stores, you feel the love we have poured into them. Our dream for Laurannae has always been more than just another coffee shoppe but rather, a space that creates an energizing environment, perfect for building relationships and community. We still have bigger dreams on the horizon so stay tuned for more future growth!


Linzi Kelly

Office Manager

Hey! I’m Linzi. I’m a born and raised Broken Arrow girl and I truly love being a native Okie. I’m a strong willed, hard headed and big hearted woman stuck inside a 5’4” body. You’ll usually find me behind the scenes at Laurannae either herding our crew or icing cakes. If I’m not working, there is a 90% chance I’m still at home baking. Pastry is the core of who I am and if you want to win me over, just talk about baking science. At sixteen I enrolled in Platt College to be the youngest student to earn a Pastry Arts degree in their program. As an adult(kind of) I spend most of my time with my fella and our little aussie dog, Odin. We will be ringing in the new year with the birth of our first child and we’re so overjoyed to be parents to a beautiful baby boy! I kind of stumbled upon Laurannae by accident(thank you BABuzz) and pretty much told Kim if she ever needed a hand in the kitchen that I knew my way around a whisk. Here we are almost four years later and this crazy crew has become family. I’m truly thankful I get to do what I was born to do every day with people who make me laugh until my sides hurt and love me without measure. I found a home in this little bakery until I am blessed with my own and for that I’ll always do a little happy dance.


Chelsea Beaudry

Community Manager

I am always inspired by beautiful things, so joining the Laurannae team was a no-brainer for me. I was hired as a barista with the intention of this being my fun part time gig, but my passions & opinions took over and now it’s my full time job! I’ve got a hand in several things here at Laurannae, social media, retail, marketing & events. But you’ll still see me slinging espresso behind the bar every now and then. In my life away from Laurannae I’m a freelance make up artist. My husband Jon and I have been married for 7 years, we have a pup named Winnie and we just bought our first house! Fun fact, I had only been to Laurannae one time before I got hired. I had no idea the community I would find here, but it’s magical & I’m so happy to be apart of it!


Molly Rose

Rose District Store Manager

I grew up in the beautiful Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas where some of the worlds finest coffee is (in my humble opinion) so a love for it is engrained in my soul. I even met my husband in a coffeeshop, his name is Devin and he’s my best bud. He also does really lovely latte art- I’ll never stop bragging about that. Summer of 2020 he encouraged me to find a job that brought back my passion and thats how I ended up here at Laurannae. Working here has allowed me to find a new passion and zeal for all things coffee, community and creativity. Jesus has blessed me with a big, loud family, both biological and spiritual. They are my other full time job and I wouldn't have it any other way. Spending time with my Father and family is where you will find me outside of Laurannae.


Francie Pisachubbe

Tulsa Store Manager

I have always loved drinking coffee but I realized I actually loved making it for others when I started volunteering at my church coffee shop! I think the science behind coffee is fascinating and I love how it brings people together. Working at Laurannae is honestly a dream in so many ways. I’m so grateful to be a part of this team! The only thing I love more than coffee is probably my dog. And maybe tacos.


Emilee Washburn

COTM Store Manager

After growing up watching my parents build Laurannae, I knew I wanted to be apart of it. When our shop first opened I was a Barista, plus anything else they needed help with! I started volunteering at COTM BA and when I found out we were partnering with them on a location I knew I wanted to help. I love getting to serve our community & connect with new people everyday!


Cory Johnson

Head Baker

I’m Cory Wayne, the head baker here at Laurannae. I am a self-taught baker, that grew up baking alongside my family. I’m a big fan of RomComs, Devil Wears Prada, and oat milk in my coffee. I’ve been with Laurannae since 2020, overseeing product quality and coming up with all the new items you see each season.


Bailey Evans

Kitchen Manager

Growing up baking held a special place in my heart. I’ve always loved art and creating which led to cake decorating becoming a big passion of mine. That’s where you’ll find me here at Laurannae, making your cake dreams come true and helping the kitchen run smoothly! When I’m not creating customer orders that’s because I also teach the cake workshops, where you get to join us in the kitchen and create a cake of your own. Outside of work I love finding new plants to bring home, painting, and creating art for myself! Working at Laurannae is a dream come true, and I still can’t believe I get to do this everyday.