We are a boutique bakery located in the heart of the Rose district in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

We are open six days a week and serve variety of gourmet pastries, espresso and desserts.

Store Hours:

M-W: 7.30a-4.30p Th-Sat 7.30a-9p

Sunday: Closed

112 West Commercial Street, Broken Arrow OK 74012



Come on over & see us.


Lb+Co. cake caravan



(Event host pays all expenses)

$175 for set up & 2 hours of service. All cupcake orders are prepaid and limits are discussed in advance and set by host. Service will end once all items are distributed, when service time expires or by request of the host. Regardless of remaining supply, each additional hour will be $75.



(Guests pay individually for their purchase)

Service time is 2 hours and $300 in sales will need to be met within that time frame. If not met, event organizer will be required to pay the difference. Each additional hour is $150 minus sales made.

what they say about us

  • Seriously, the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted! I've had them at several events and every flavor I've had exceeds my expectations! Wonderful ladies too!
    — Crystal Abernathy
  • We had Laurannae at our wedding and if I am being completely honest, I think I may have liked them better than our actual wedding cake (oops!). All of the flavors are amazing, but my personal favorite is the chocolate peanut butter. These are by far some of my favorite cupcakes and if I lived in Tulsa I would order them way too much. If you haven't tried them yet, you ARE missing out!
    — Kristen Williams
  • The most delicious cupcakes I've ever eaten! I've bought them for the office and given them as gifts. The packaging is adorable as well!!
    — Angela Brown
  • These cupcakes will make an amazing dessert for any celebration! So yummy!
    — Taylor Samkol Michelle Bennett
  • Delicious cupcakes!!! Great fast, reasonably priced and order completed quickly!!!
    — Shayna Hendrix
  • Most Delish cupcakes ever!!!! Cant wait for our next order!
    — Nicole Laserbynicole Olmino


Laurannae was created for a fresh, modern spin on the traditional cake. We thrive off new and unique designs that showcase our personality and style. Our eclectic, edgy vibe is the up and coming in cake design and we are proud to bring it to our community. Our shoppe is in the Rose District right in the heart of Broken Arrow, where we offer a modern espresso and pastry bar along with our custom cakes. 





Kim Washburn + Owner

This adventure has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. My sister Jessica and I brought it to life in 2012 as two stay at home moms in need of a hobby. Jess and I worked side by side in the entrepreneurial world for almost four years before she turned the business over and let me run wild with it. Those years of learning and building with her is what makes the LB Co. brand what it is today and would have never happened without her.

The name Laurannae [pronounced Laura-nay] was a collaboration of Jessica's middle name Laura, and my middle name Rannae. Its very rare that people pronounce it correctly but I love the idea of a unique name for a unique company!

Fall of 2016 I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and my greatest adventure. Stephen and I spend our days jumping back and forth between his company and Laurannae. We definitely don't lead a "normal" 9-5 life and we love it that way. Between the both of us we somehow ended up with five kids Emilee, McKenna,Tino, Jax and Gavin. Steve and I hope to raise our babies to be kind, compassionate humans while teaching them the love of entrepreneurship, not being confined to the status quo, and running full force towards life.


Rachel Rose

+ Manager, Wedding specialist

Starting my own business was always a dream of mine, but always seemed to be out of reach. I thought that owning your own business meant that you needed years of school with multiple degrees. But then Floured Roses started to evolve and flipped my whole perception of owning a business upside down. I was 21, didn’t have a degree, and hadn’t gone to culinary school, but I was running a successful baking business. I started seriously baking my senior year in high-school because I loved the idea of being able to be at work and at the same time create and work with my hands. It felt too good to be true. I’ve learned so much on my journey with Floured Roses Bakery through mistakes and experiences that have come along the way. It’s amazing the welcoming community Tulsa has for entrepreneurs. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone, and the parties I’ve been able to attend have been unforgettable. But something was missing for me: I desperately needed a business partner. I believe baking is like any other art and through refining my art, I felt like I was missing out on having a like-minded person with me to bounce ideas off of and to help me grow professionally and artistically. Kim Washburn has welcomed me into the Laurannae family with open arms and I couldn’t be more grateful! I am so excited to be joining this team and to be bringing my business and styles with me. We want to offer variety and uniqueness to our customers and we firmly believe that that’s what this merge will bring!